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Spirituality is a science and when the science of spirituality is brought to bear on the divinatory disciplines such as astrology, numerology and palmistry, it raises the predictive power of these disciplines to higher levels of accuracy and reliability. Dr. K.C. Haridas, with whom I have had the pleasure of association as a fellow seeker for some time now, combines his knowledge of the divinatory disciplines with the spiritual practice of kriya yoga into which he was officially ordained several decades ago. This combination makes him eminently qualified to provide proper advice and guidance to people buffeted by the slings and arrows of karmic vicissitudes. I wish Haridasji divine grace and blessings in his endeavors to provide valuable service to his fellow men and women.
 Venkatesh Seshamani
Professor of Economics
University of Zambia
Box 32379, Lusaka
I am truly delighted to have been a long standing beneficiary of your scientific and precise calculations The resulting astounding guidance has been till now unmatched by any other individual or body. It is my proud privilege to place on record, my appreciation for your findings about my inner self and the ecosystem in which I function.
Thank you and with heartfelt gratitude.

P S Ramnathan, Coimbatore

Dr. Haridas is known to me for about 2 decades. With his ocean of knowledge in Numerology, Astrology & Palmistry he has been guiding me and my family members at the time of crises.

It has been my personal experience that the prediction made by Dr. Haridas is 100% correct and the philosophical experience from him given Consolation, Courage & Confidence to face and overcome difficult situations.

Dr. Haridas a perfect gentleman and he is an asset to his friends and to neighbors and Dr. Haridas has concern for the society and extends service without any discrimination.

Dr. Haridas will be a Friend, Philosopher and Guide to those who seek his service.

I wish him all the best,

Dr. M.K. Muthuvelu BE., MS(Engg), MBA., Ph.D.,


Having known Dr. Haridas for almost two decades now, I am extremly pleased to know the new set of activities that he wishes to persue. As has been the past history, he has excelled in whatever he did and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will excel here too. Achieving success will be hallmark of this new activity also. His education, sincerity and zeal will take him to much greater height.
My sincere best wishes.

Mohan L.Lunawat
Director, Life & General Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
I have known Haridas for many years now and his predictions for me have always come true. A knowledge of all three branches - numerology, astrology, palmistry could possibly explain this. I am glad that he is starting his own website on predictive sciences and wish him all success.

A.G.Krishnan, Mumbai

Dr Haridas is a sincere person with varied interests. the starting of his website dedicated to predictive sciences is very welcome. we can expect honest, plausible and practical writings from him. i wish him all the best.

A. Radhakrishnan
Freelance journalist, Pune

Dr. Haridas is a very close friend and well wisher of mine. He is sincere, polite and result
oriented. I wish and pray all the very best for him always,

Mohammed Sadik Sait
Ex-Divisional Manager,
National Insurance Company Limited,

I am really sorry that i did not send in my testimonial earlier. My excuse (not reason) is that, as you had predicted, i got busy with work!
Let me start off by saying 'Thank You' for building my confidence in my abilities... your readings really gave a boost at the right time and helped me face my work more positively.

I have to start by stating that i am a cynic when it comes to matters like astrology because i have seen many falling prey to unscrupulous 'see'rs. When i was going through a confusing time in my life and heard from my friend that you were good and you work on numerology and palmistry together, i was interested. I checked your website and emailed you. When you said you would work from photos of my palm and my date of birth, i decided to try you because i always felt that astrologer charlatans picked up information from poeple's faces, body language, reactions to what they said etc., and built on it. When you got back to me on my general characteristics based on my DOB, they were quite true but i still wasn't convinced because they were a bit general. But, when you saw my palm photos and gave your reading, i was shocked and impressed. Your readings of some very important events in my life (at the right age) were accurate. So were readings of my family, work and the way i deal with some things in life.
This accuracy of your knowledge, coupled with your humility, lack of greed, straight forwardness and desire to help make others lives better, have made me a believer in you (and myself). I have recommended you to a few of my friends and family who were looking for an astrologer/palmist, and i will continue to do so.
God Bless."---My first online customer

"​I should say that it is destiny that brought me in touch with Mr. Haridas after a long gap of 24 years. Having joined his office as the most junior staff I had always admired his administrative and man management skills. But when I learnt about his skills in Palmistry and Numerology recently, it was a surprise to me and brought out a totally unknown facet of him.

His reading of my palm reinforced my belief in this ancient science since it was a reflection of my personality and interests. His words are a blend of the spirituality and modern thoughts as he encourages and coaches the person to move in the right direction, while cautioning with his logical and practical advises. His reading of my children's palm reinforced my belief that I have guided my children in the right career path so far. He has helped me make the right career move at the most crucial time. With his vast experience in predictive sciences and updated knowledge of current trends and opportunities, his advises can be a valuable input to guide a person in both personal and professional aspects of his life."
Ms. Lakshmi, General Insurance Professional

I Know Haridas Sir personally since 2005​
 when he got transferred to Kerala and took over the charge of C​ochin DO of National Insurance Co Ltd. But  I came to know about his skill on Palmistry only a couple of months ago when he visited Dubai.  Recently when I submitted my resignation from my existing company, In fact i was not having any offer on hand and hence i was  tensed also. My last day in the company was 17th November 2016.

On November 6th, I had asked Sir, regarding the chance of me getting a job , and Sir has immediately replied on WhatsApp​ that there will not be any long break. In fact I thought he is trying to not to make me disappointed. But to my great  surprise, on November 22,​ I  got my job offer letter from a  Company in the same Industry I was working all along and i signed it.

Sir has really developed a great skill in  Palmistry  and I would like to thank him for his advises at the moment of disappointments, which in fact is  a great Social Service.

Wishing him all Success in his future endeavors
Mr. Ajith Kumar, UAE​

"Before you believe in something you need to believe that someone. My acquaintance with Dr.Haridas happened because of his wonderful tweets on spirituality. Through his 140 characters, he has influenced my spiritual leanings in more ways that I can imagine. 
When doctor predicted my life based on my palm lines, I was spellbound. His conclusions about me were very accurate. He asserted the positives a lot and was very considerate in articulating certain negative aspects. He provided lot of moral support and spiritual guidance in dealing with the results. I believe only a person with divine grace can accomplish such skills. He stresses the fact that everything can be overcome by true Sadhana and this is a reassurance that only a true spiritual person can provide.

I hope that many people make use of his vast knowledge and get guidance on what lay beyond.


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