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It is well known that the maximum number of nerves connect the brain to the palm than to any other part of the human body. Every thought in the brain is known to the palm and gets recorded there. As our thoughts shape our lives, the lines on the palm evolve. If we change our thoughts to be more positive, our lives also turn out better. The left palm indicates our rough path in life as dictated by our past actions of thousands of previous incarnations-our past Karma-as the Hindus call it. The right palm indicates the progress or regress that we have made in this life or will probably make in future, based on our thoughts and actions in this life. 

Just as we have come to recognize a certain position in the human face for the eyes, nose and so on, we have come to recognize definite positions in the palm for the Life line (indicating longevity, major illnesses and accidents), the Heart line (indicating the health of the physical heart as also our affections), the Head line (indicating our brain power, imaginative qualities and mentality), the Fate line (indicating career, profession), the Sun line (indicating talent, brilliance, wealth) and other minor lines. The shape and size of the thumb, the length of the fingers, the smoothness or hardness or elasticity of the palm all reveal a lot to the student of palmistry. 


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